Be your own power trader! NEXTRA is your tool for trading on various European energy markets. Maintain price control and an overview of your portfolio with minimal costs by placing orders through NEXTRA.
There’s no need to make large investments in trading infrastructure when you place orders through NEXTRA. Our traders buy or sell the exact quantities you order.
NEXTRA allows you to keep up with the constantly fluctuating power prices of the new energy world. Stay ahead of the competition by using live pricing and forecasts.

Who is NEXTRA for?

NEXTRA is a trading and portfolio management tool which lowers entry barriers for diverse players on energy markets:


Procure shortfall quantities for your grid, or sell excess quantities from your power plants on spot markets, without investing in your own trading infrastructure.

BRP energy market access

Balancing Responsible Parties

Use NEXTRA to balance your portfolio by uploading your own data, or use data from our trading floor, to balance your portfolio.

Market Access for Commercial & Industrial Power Consumers


Forget about full-supply contracts from third parties: instead, lower the price you pay for the electricity you need as a commercial or industrial consumer by connecting directly to the energy markets.

Power Trading for independent power generators

Power Producers

Monitor trades of the power you produce, and make your own trading decisions to balance your portfolio.

Aggregors (Virtual Power Plants) for Renewable Energies


Get access to short-term and long-term energy markets by joining the flow of price signals and trading opportunities for your aggregated portfolio.

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Our commercial platform NEXTRA constitutes a commercial tool exclusively on the power exchange. It is not used for transactions related to cryptocurrency. We suggest to all persons who acquired cryptocurrency from a broker using Nextra name and did not get their money back, to contact law enforcement authorities. As the owner of Nextra platform, Next Kraftwerke LCC hereby declares that is not responsible for the transactions with the entity using the name Nextra and offering investments in cryptocurrency.
Platforma handlowa NEXTRA stanowi narzędzie handlu wyłącznie na giełdzie energii elektrycznej. Nie służy do transakcji związanych z kryptowalutami. Osobom, które nabyły kryptowaluty od brokera korzystającego z nazwy Nekstra i nie odzyskały wpłaconych pieniędzy, sugerujemy zgłoszenie sprawy do organów ścigania. Właściciel platformy Nextra - Next Krafwerke sp. z o.o. oświadcza, że nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za transakcje z podmiotem korzystającym z nazwy Nekstra i oferującym inwestycje w kryptowaluty.

How can I benefit?

NEXTRA gives you access to power markets all over Europe without the need to become a licensed trader. Using NEXTRA, you can manage your deals, forecasts, metered data, and the resulting imbalances to place the orders you need to balance your portfolio.

Analysis of energy portfolio


Upload different types of data sets to your account: consumption & production forecasts, power quantities already procured, and metering data.

Forecast of deviations in a BRP


NEXTRA uses the data you provide in addition to optional data from our own analysts to forecast and quantify the imbalances in your portfolio, including the associated imbalance costs.

Placing energy trading orders


Using NEXTRA, you can now place the exact orders you need to balance your portfolio in real time. You have access to diverse markets in different European regions and can participate in future, day-ahead, or intraday trading on a 24/7 basis.

What are the features of NEXTRA?

Access to short-term and long-term markets
Three European energy market areas served
24/7 access to energy markets
Overview of your portfolio at all times
Upload existing portfolio data sets
Monitor excess & shortage quantities
Bidding on day-ahead and intraday markets
Profit from short-term price developments
Full transparency on prices
No investment in your own trading infrastructure
Monitor open trading positions
Place the flexibility of your portfolio on short-term markets yourself
Correct intraday forecast deviations
Two access routes: API and Web Frontend
Multi-user access
No license fees, no maintenance fees
Financial reporting directly from the platform

What does Nextra look like?

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Interested in using Nextra? Get in touch with our team to learn more about Nextra and schedule a test run.

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